caroline goldenAs a collage artist, I am fascinated by both the transformative aspects of fairytales and the transformative nature of collage.
I explore the myths of iconic characters and the fables they are trapped within, examining the scene after the story is told in an attempt to widen the margins of the myth.  Blowing the dust off these stories, I have as an adult reexamined them, drawn to take a closer look at the stages where these characters acted. In addition, I examine the objects that figured prominently within the stories and call forward the supporting cast members.

My palette consists of a wide spectrum of collected images and found objects, as well as my painting and photography. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, I piece together seemingly disparate visuals to create a new environment.  I build additional dimension by lifting pieces of the collage into a three-dimensional relief and beyond into fully sculptural constructions.

Blowing the dust off the stories that fueled my childhood imagination, I revisit these familiar yet enchanting characters and their worlds once again. Stepping into their slippers, visiting their isolated towers, standing on the palace grounds or falling down the rabbit hole, I follow them through their transformations and invite the viewer to join me.